RAGUM ® printing thickener
printing thickeners
emulsifiers for gasoline printing

based on

EKIEMOL ® water soluble agents for drilling, mining, paper,
cosmetic and construction industry
RANIEGEL ® padding auxiliaries
anti-migration agents
products increasing wet-pick-up
printing thickeners
(hydrocolloids for special applications)
RANIESIST ® discharging agents and discharging auxiliaries
RANIESIST ® resist agents
RANIESORB ® conditioning and stabilizing agents
soil release agents
complexing agents
RANIEGAL ® levelling agents
RANIELON ® dispersing agents and protective colloids
weighting agents
RANIECID ® ph regulator, acid and alkali dispensers
RAPRINT ® carriers
anti-frosting auxiliaries
fixing accelerators for
continuous dyeing and printing
RC-ANTIFOAM anti-foaming agents, deaeration agents